Just some guidelines on paper formatting and the like. Same as I always do, for those of you who’ve submitted papers to me in the past.

Here are the paper submission rules:

  • Papers must be submitted as documents attached to e-mail addressed to me at
  • These should be formatted as .docx files if possible (the native format in Microsoft Word); if you can’t use .docx, use .rtf (“Rich Text Format”). You need to use one of those formats. No PDFs or other file formats.
  • Name the file PHI612_Lastname_Firstname.docx, substituting your name in appropriately.
  • Send the paper as an attachment to an email message. The subject line of the email should be the same as the paper file name; e.g., “PHI612_Cartman_Eric”. The message body should not be left empty; include a line saying “Here is Eric Cartman’s first short paper for APHI 612” (substituting with your own details.) You may also include a joke in the message body, but no extra credit unless it’s really, really funny.
  • Please format papers simply, single-spaced, with your name and any title you might give to the paper at the top of the first page (don’t use a separate title page). Please set the text font to 12pt Times-Roman or something close, and set the left margin to 1” and the right margin to 2.5”.
  • When you send papers to me, please cc: yourself to make sure everything worked OK.

And, with apologies, I will include my usual bit, which I hope is unnecessary: Plagiarizing (i.e. using the words or content of others as your own), will result in being failed for the course. Please, cite any outside sources that influence your paper, especially (but not only) ones that you quote.